Data science is the future

Thu 21 December 2017

Data science is indispensable for the future of many companies. Not only in classic environments, such as laboratories and industry, but in all technical disciplines. Data gives insight in the past and present. It opens doors to the future: it’s the base for strategic decision making and it offers chances for creating solutions and realizing growth.

Stay in charge of big data
Data tells you what works and what doesn’t and shows where your focus should be. The quantities and complexity of data grow rapidly: examples are big data, multivariate data and time series. It is relevant for every organisation to update knowledge and skills of the discipline and to follow trends. Data science is no longer only the domain of a small group of technical professionals but it is a prominent subject in the agendas of directors and boards.

New trends and applications
Besides proven statistical concepts, there are many innovations that offer new possibilities. The developments in AI occur in a fast pace. More and more disciplines see the added value in practical applications. Machine learning becomes increasingly important in anticipating the expectations of customers or clients in the future. By following their digital tracks with data-tools and by using the data for prediction models, you do not only gain important information, you also stay ahead of competitors.

General and specialist skills
Do you have the necessary insights and skills to get started with data analysis? And do you want to make your data clear and relevant? PAOTM has a range of courses that provide you with general statistic skills and more specialized subjects to deepen your knowledge. Regardless of the (technical) field you work in.

Multivariate data analysis – starts September 27
Essentials of predictive analytics – starts October 1st
Practical data science – starts October 30
Data mining & business analytics – starts November 27
Time series analysis and forecasting – starts March 16


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