Do you want to convey a message with confidence that convinces your audience?

Fri 16 April 2021

Scaling down the corona measures is slowly getting closer after the Dutch cabinet’s opening plan has been presented. There is a perspective with more space in different areas of society. Business opportunities are also presenting themselves: more meetings in the office and more frequent customer meetings outside the office. In short: more opportunity to physically present yourself and your organization again. But how effectively do you convey your message after all those online meetings?

In physical presentations you have more opportunity to hold the audience's attention with non-verbal communication. There is much more room for connection and interaction. But these circumstances alone don't make a presentation where the message is conveyed effectively and with impact. More is needed for that.

The powerful presenter course is relatively new at PAOTM, but has more than earned its spurs with previous editions of The LMS Group, with whom we organize these and other leadership courses in collaboration. In this two-day course you will learn to give presentations where the perceived impact of your audience is equal to your intended impact. You develop your authenticity, alignment with the needs of the audience and can translate a clear and structured story, supported by effective body language.

A selection from the experiences of previous participants:

"This training was an eye-opener for me, one of the best soft-skill training courses I have followed."

Hans Onvlee, ASML

  “I really enjoyed this training and would like to recommend it. There are many training courses that provide a framework to structure a story and provide tips on how to present it properly. What is striking in this training is that we were encouraged to think very carefully about who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are and how we can consider this in our presentations. Thanks to the intimate and shared atmosphere that the trainer created during the training, I learned a lot about myself and about my colleagues during these two days. ”

Benny Akesson, TNO-ESI

"Because everyone is held up the mirror from the start, people come closer to themselves, so that they eventually rise above themselves."

Arjan de Winter, ASML

Do you also want to convey a clear message with more self-confidence that really convinces your audience? Register for The powerful presenter.


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