"Enlightening to see which negative triggers influence my behavior"

Mon 14 December 2020

Recently, Personal Leadership was completed as the first course of the Leadership of engineers program. We spoke to participant Patrick Reus, Lead engineer process at VMEngineering, about dealing effectively with negative triggers, the added value of a training actor and the importance of a small course group with an open atmosphere.

Why did you choose this course?

"This course was best suited to the goals I had set for my personal development, such as time management, setting the right priorities and dealing with negative triggers. I wanted to better understand myself and my influence on the team and the organization. "

How did you like the course?

“Very much! Partly due to the small-scale, classroom setting in which the course was organized. Within the group there was a very open atmosphere, where everyone felt comfortable sharing their personal experiences. I also liked the balance between theory and practice. The instructor did not have a monotonous story, but a very pleasant interaction with the participants. Explanation of the theory was constantly alternated with exercises, in order to then discuss it together again and learn from each other. The training actor who was present on one of the course days turned out to be a good addition to practicing practical situations. These exercises came very close to reality, in contrast to my experience with regular role-playing games."

What has the course brought you in concrete terms?

"The course has given me a lot of, often surprising, insight into myself. For example, it was enlightening to see in which situations and under which circumstances my behavior becomes less effective. Recognizing negative triggers that cause this was the first step, and then knowing how I can prevent those situations in the future. What is my behavior, how did it affect me and the other and how can I consciously overcome that. After the course, that insight and recognition was also useful to share with my manager."

"I have also learned to listen more attentively, communicate more effectively and approach others from a so-called ‘positive growth mindset’. So on a personal level, and by realising how that affects the team, you can deviate from a rigid and restrictive thinking structure."

How did you like the composition of the group?

"Taking this course with a group of technical professionals was of added value to me. Learning from each other was enhanced by both the joint background in engineering and the differences in everyone's experience. "

Do you also want to (further) strengthen your personal leadership?

Then register for one of the next editions of Personal leadership. Do you have a different or additional learning need in the field of personal effectiveness and leadership? Choose from one or more modules from the Leadership of engineers program.


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