Introduction of system dynamics

Thu 21 December 2017

Roller coasters are fascinating in every way. As a passenger, but especially for technical professionals. In a large complex construction, everything has to be correct down to the last detail. For safety, lifespan and maintenance.

The finite element method (FEM) is used for engineering questions about wear, maintenance and thus the prevention of accidents in mechanical systems, machines and mechanisms. For constructions whose deformations remain small, analyzes can be performed excellently with FEM. However, linear models are not sufficient for stresses and deformations of components that undergo arbitrarily large movements. With Flexible multibody dynamics (FMBD), multiple components are combined to simulate the entire system dynamics.

Free webinar Flexible multibody dynamics Jurnan Schilder has been fascinated by roller coasters since his childhood and is happy to share his knowledge as a lecturer in system dynamics at the University of Twente. On February 2nd he will give an introduction to the topic and he will answer all your questions in the free PAOTM webinar Flexible multibody dynamics.

The topics of the webinar:

• The global idea of Flexible multibody dynamics (FMBD)
• The different methods and packages that are used
• Examples of projects in which FMBD has proven useful
• State of the art in the field
• What do you learn in the Flexible multibody dynamics course?

Would you like to know more about the full 5-day course of dr. ir. Jurnan Schilder? Read more about it or register for the Flexible multibody dynamics course.



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