Nationale Kraanwaterdag 2021

Thu 16 September 2021

September 22nd is Kraanwaterdag in The Netherlands. But why do we celebrate tap water day? Because The Netherlands is among the few countries in the whole world which provide drinkable safe tap water without use of any disinfectant such as chlorine.

This is possible because of the use of extensive drinking water treatment methods. The continuous maintenance of the drinking water distribution networks is made sure by all drinking water supply companies to provide microbial safe water from treatment till customers tap and to prevent leakages and contaminations during distribution.

The drinking water extraction and treatment areas are very well protected to ensure supply of safe and healthy drinking water. Mainly three water sources are used for producing drinking water; ground water (55%), surface water (40%) and natural dune water (5%). In The Netherlands, the drinking water distribution piping network spans over 120,000 km. In total all 10 drinking water companies produce 1200 million m3 water every year. Most people in the Netherlands prefers to drink water from tap.

How drinking water in The Netherlands is maintained and remained microbial stable through the distribution network from source of extraction to treatment, distribution and then by the time it reaches to tap? This will be thoroughly studied and discussed in our upcoming course, Biological stability of drinking water, planned on March 15 and 16 2022, with the top Dutch and world renowned experts in the drinking water sector. Would you like to know more about how water is being treated and maintained in the Netherlands, which processes are used and what the factors are that can possibly influence the water quality? Than this course is for you. We hope to see you in March 2022!

Vewin film 'Gewoon Kraanwater' - YouTube


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