"Participants should learn as much from each other as from me"

Mon 21 September 2020

Last Tuesday, September 14, the new program Leadership of engineers successfully started with the first module: Personal leadership. We asked trainer Ale Riedstra about the first days of the course, the importance of making personal leadership as concrete as possible and the added value of a large diversity of participants.

"Experience has taught me: bring a group of technicians together and it is all about content. About visible and tangible matter. However, the subject of this course is personal leadership. That is about ‘me’, and therefore requires a different approach than technology. My challenge is to present that subject as concrete as possible. Not in a vague way, but concrete insights for daily practice" said Ale. Together with co-trainer Werner Holzmann, he started the Leadership of engineers program at PAOTM this fall: a complete program of leadership modules for professionals and executives, in which their fifteen years of experience in leadership and team training in technical organizations is bundled.

According to Ale, three aspects are addressed in the Personal leadership module. First: know yourself, know what gives you energy and what triggers you negatively. Second: focus on the task that should be done and do it well. Third: build effective relationships with other people to enhance collaboration. Ale: "My starting point is that participants learn at least as much from each other as from me. That is why in recent course days, the focus has been on interaction and a lot of joint exploration of behavioral and communication patterns."

"A big advantage of all modules within the program is that they can be followed through open registration. First of all, it ensures a strong diversity of participants, working in different (technical) organizations and disciplines. In addition, the absence of direct colleagues makes participants feel free to explore new things and experiment with their behavior" said Ale. Participants therefore concluded the first two course days positively:

'A pleasant way to learn about personal development together with other engineers.'

'Provides an enlightening look at yourself and others.'

Do you want to strengthen your personal leadership as well? Register yourself for the next edition of Personal leadership. Do you have a different or additional learning need in the field of personal effectiveness and leadership? Choose one of the other modules from the Leadership of engineers program.


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