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Mon 18 January 2021

In 2021, PAO Techniek en Management’ s water program is updated. This is done based on the current need to share and disseminate the water related knowledge produced at higher research institutions and demand from stakeholders, who are utilizing these research products. In our updated water program all the aspects of the water cycle are covered and offers a wide range of courses on the themes of surface water, drinking water, water in circular economy and waste water. 

In the surface water theme, the offered courses cover the topics from ecological health of surface water bodies to the impacts of climate change and contaminants of emerging concern. The need to understand our surface water bodies under the changing circumstances in the environment is very important. Surface water is not only related to the aquatic ecology and for aesthetic perspectives but also used as the source of drinking water. In a recent report in 2020, on Removal requirement and purification treatment effort for the Dutch Rhine water, it was emphasised that more efforts are needed to protect the Rhine river water from emerging chemicals and substances in order to reduce the purification/treatment efforts for drinking water production.  In February 2020, ministers from the countries of Rhine catchment met to set an ambition for a Rhine 2040 programme, that water from Rhine can still be used for drinking water production in next 20 years. Our courses like Contaminants of emerging concern will cover the topics on these chemicals, effects of their presence in the river water, control measures and legislative requirements.

On the other hand in drinking water sector, not only is there a need for new and adapted treatment methods but there is also a requirement for comprehensive monitoring and investigation of the distribution systems to maintain the quality of drinking water within distribution networks. In this respect integration of digitization in the water sector is an emerging subject. Where drinking water companies require smart water infrastructure, those are giving more access to real time data and in return it helps with automation of the processes. The drinking water is now not only looked upon as for drinking purposes but also as a source for energy and recovery of resources like calcite. The manufacturing of Face wash out of calcite recovered from treatment process is a great example of resource recovery. The Cold recovery from distribution networks is another example how energy can be recovered and utilized in order to move towards circular economy and carbon neutral future.

Hence, the courses in our water program are designed based on the latest needs, developments, new research and innovation in a particular subject. We are confident that our courses will help the participants to further develop and update their knowledge in their respective fields.

Voor verdere vragen en inlichtingen kunt u contact opnemen met onze programmamanager Jawairia Imtiaz Ahmad:

For questions or suggestions please contact programme manager water Jawaira Imtiaz Ahmad:
j.ahmad@paotm.nl of 06 84 29 17 91

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