Leadership of engineers

Leadership is a broad theme. As a leader you are asked to develop a vision, reach people, motivate your staff members and help them grow. The goal of all this usually is mutual success for the organization and yourself. Many professionals and managers are looking for answers about the effectiveness of their personal leadership. PAOTM offers concrete solutions and interventions through our renewed leadership courses.

Leadership is giving direction and working to achieve results together. This requires an awareness of yourself and an insight into the characters of others.  In order to be able to work together effectively, certain handles are necessary. 

These courses have been developed with people who work in technical organizations, together with professional trainers from The LMS Group. One of the characteristics of The LMS Group is that by doing this, they make ‘soft skills’ both visible and measurable. Therefore, the courses -which include both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills-  are practical and applicable. 

There are courses for both professionals in their individual fields as well as for supervisors and managers.  With regard to the managerial/supervisorial roles, these courses are offered at several seniority levels.

In all the modules theory is interchanged with practical experience. Your own cases and circumstances are at the core of your learning journey.  The instructors have a broad range of experience with many different types of organizations in Holland (especially technical organizations) and abroad.

Leadership of engineers consists of: